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alkemiTools a bitmap Flash renderer library

2010-05-24 10:09:37 by Krobill

Come and take a look at our small library for Flash game bitmap rendering. Sources and the first two articles explaining the whole thing can be found over here


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2010-05-24 10:18:27

I didn't get it, then I turned the example up to 500 and pressed Movieclip.
Now I get it.


2010-05-24 12:09:19

C'est très intéressant! Je voulais justement essayer une technique similaire pour mettre plusieurs instances d'une même sprite sur le stage. Je vais m'amuser un peu et ensuite j'essaierai votre moteur... pour voir la "vraie méthode"!


2010-05-24 14:15:51

Download does not work.

(Updated ) Krobill responds:

Stupid me... I had put \ instead of / in the URL. Chrome automatically converts them back but not all browsers. Sorry


2010-05-24 14:54:25

Greeat library dude! I hope to do something along mates and using it!
i really apreciate this u share this


2010-05-24 19:14:28

Looks awesome. Probably too advanced for me at the minute. I'll have a look at it when I've got some spare time.